Richard Allman

Richard Allman

The Palace Theatre, Plymouth 2012

Ink, acrylic and collage


I have several areas of interest. I’m fascinated by regeneration projects in Plymouth and the process of change to our surroundings. These tend to be large scale projects looking at buildings partly here, partly demolished, with big machinery and superb new vistas opened up, often only temporarily. I’m really only fascinated by the process, so when the buildings are finished I tend to lose interest. These projects include the building of the Theatre Royal in the 1980s, Drake Circus demolition and rebuilding, Plymouth Argyle stadium rebuilding, Millbay, Devonport etc. I also like covering events, such as the British Art Show in Plymouth in 2011, when I worked on big drawings of the artworks in their various Plymouth venues. I enjoy working on the big transatlantic boat races (such as the Transat and Ostar) as the official artist, drawing the preparations on the pontoons at Queen Anne’s Battery with all the bustle and excitement and flags and banners of the sponsors. All sorts of other subjects grab my attention such as large wooden boats (their life-cycle from construction to rotting hulks), allotments, shadows and reflections, yellow road markings etc. But I’m also fascinated by special buildings which aren’t going to be demolished but just speak to us a in a unique way – and Plymouth has plenty of these. I initially work outside on the spot on large boards in ink and water-based paints and then complete these pieces in the studio.


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