Abigail McKenzie

Abigail McKenzie

Goodbye Sailor 2012



Woodlands 2009



As a graduate of BA (Hons) Design: Illustration (2009) I am a South West based Artist and Arts Facilitator. My artwork is largely inspired by trends from 20th Century design and fashion using mostly traditional techniques of drawing and watercolour painting. My artwork documents character, fashion and lifestyle using a mixture of traditional painting, experimental drawing and digital manipulation. The feminine nature of my work offers a mixture of sensitive line quality with a fresh colour palette which lends itself not only to paper but to fabrics, ceramics and jewellery. I work as one half of the creative collective Marmalade; together we create work for South West based designer-maker fairs as well as producing illustrations for and curating our own exhibitions. I am interested in how performers present themselves on stage and the rituals they undertake to transform; how performers of past eras presented themselves on stage and how that differs to the tragic lifestyles they often had off camera. I enjoy referencing film, TV, iconic characters and cult movements and aim to create contemporary illustration with a decorative vintage feel to communicate my observations.

AbigailMcKenzie1 AbigailMcKenzie2

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