Codie Hobbs

Codie Hobbs

Emerge 2013

Fashion photography

Each image £300

Plymouth College of Art, BA (Hons) Photography 

Codie Hobbs’ project Emerge explores the hyper-reality of fashion photography and its relationship to the consumer through physical collage on print.  Fashion photography is the fantasy realm of the fashion industry, the photograph shows another world;  a world with perfect skin and un-creased clothing, a world of dreamscape locations and oversized props. It is this hyper reality of exaggerated clothing and manipulated models that draws people in, and transfers into their own reality, selling them the product and the story within it. Hobbs’ photographs adopt a fashion aesthetic, with a collage of fabrics and materials displayed upon the print, bringing this dream-state world out of the frame and into our reality. This extension of fabric also reveals a secondary narrative, looking at fashion photography as a genre within itself. Selling the clothing that the image displays is its main goal; by collaging the fabric, the audience can then interact with the photograph, not only seeing the

item but feeling the textures also, this therefore selling the item at a more extreme level.  With thanks to –Aimee Hayward, Corinna Fochler, Jade Southwould, KayleyTaylor, Lara Stephens, Prudence Gowns, Rose McEwing & Shilstone House


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