Harriet Lewis

Harriet Lewis

Our Cosmos of Residue 2013

3 photopolymer etchings


Plymouth University, BA (Hons) Fine Art

I have been exploring the transient urban and rural landscape of Plymouth by researching and collecting many photographs over many time lapses. I have sourced photographs from the last one hundred years and recorded and taken my own this past year, which represent main elements of an urban and rural landscape. I have found that the landscape is constantly emerging and changing both naturally and physically as well as representing society at that present time, through what the landscape holds. These photographs I merged together to create abstract images, which I developed into photopolymer etchings. I wanted my prints to represent any emerging landscape with similar patterns of change within a comparable time period. I also wanted to visually highlight evolving themes such as, nostalgia loss, persistence and tradition through the use of abstraction, which all are held within any landscape.


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