Ken Purdie

Ken Purdie

Marina 2013

Digital photo/inkjet print


From a series: Abstract Landscapes

Here I have created what appears to be a landscape, but not one I have become familiar with, using an abstract process. Inspiration in photography is sometimes achieved by breaking the rules, using the camera in a way it is not meant to be used.

The Chase 2013

Digital photo/inkjet print


From a series: Real Play

Children at play is a delicate subject for a documentary photographer in today’s climate, so taking a contemporary approach and adding a touch of impressionism their identity is protected. This photo shows the simple act of play where a wall around a pool becomes a place of excitement and danger to play chase.

I use photography to express myself. My photography helps me understand myself and my character. They identify with me and the way I see the world around me. I use my camera to create my world of photos using different shutter speeds, exposures and lighting so that I can interact with people who would not normally see what I see. My curiosity creates a story and gives me a chance to explore my character. My subject is a story of a journey of photos I have taken since leaving college. They explore what I see and feel through my camera, through my eyes. My photos are a passage in time. They are my ideas, my dreams, and my story. They show how people are feeling and how the world is at that moment in time. That moment in time makes people look and then look again to see more in the image I have created. What I have created is real to me and my images pass it on to others to interpret in their own way.

KenPurdie1 KenPurdie2

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