Liam Symes

Liam Symes

An evening with Mathew Chesterton 2013

3 paintings, oil on canvas and monologue, ink on paper


Plymouth College of Art, BA (Hons) FineArt 

Loosely based on the aleatory literary technique expressed by early Dadaists such as TristanTzara and later by William S. Burroughs who randomized linear text by rearranging it to create nonconventional writing/poetry. The best way to divulge the ‘natural state’ is through interview within the comfort of one’s home absorbing the unnatural nature of being filmed. This enabled us to express particular views upon random and comfortable topics. Recording only one side of the conversation created an unconventional dialogue. Thus highlighting significant quotations, and placed alongside visual depictions revealed a graphic and poetic perspective, making reference to the character and visual form of the individual within an ‘accustomed’ state.


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