Lindsey Willcocks

Lindsey Willcocks

Pencil Box Project 2013

Felt case, home learning pack containing blackboard, books, poster,

A5 folder, magnets, notebook and diary


Plymouth College of Art BA (Hons) Graphic Design 

Lindsey Willcocks is a designer and maker of creations, with a passion for all things educational.

Lindsey likes to doodle a little of what creative goodness she has flying about inside her head, then finding the best materials to work with, (preferably sustainable, recyclable, and eco friendly), she transforms the scribbled images into reality, by creating something special. Lindsey has created Pencil Box Project a home learning pack that is hypothetically part of a government backed scheme. The pack is designed for primary schools to encourage children and their parents to work together from the comfort of their home environment. Featuring Bradley and his best friend Sully the dog, the interactive home learning pack is aimed to guide children and their parents through the current subject topics in the classroom. The pack consists of challenge task sheets, term by term visuals, and a parent’s guide book. In September 2013 Lindsey will be joining Devon Primary SCITT

(School Centred InitialTeacherTraining) to gain a PGCE. Lindsey has secured an unconditional placement on the course having achieved a first class degree.


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