Martin Bush

Martin Bush

Summer Velvet 1 2012

Mixed media on canvas


Summer Velvet 2 2012

Mixed media on canvas


Artistic expression should never be static; it should reflect the energy, experiences, emotions and evolution of the artist and their craft. These paintings have been influenced by public interaction, as each piece was produced and put up for display the development of the next was stimulated by the debate of the previous work. The selected paintings are a small part of a bigger series painted in 2012 which were a reaction to the negativity of recession and and imbalance of feeling around. The selected paintings aim to evoke a feeling of positiveness and uplifting emotions with the use of colour and nature driven marks, the movement in each painting made by subconscious meditative state of mind. To spend a moment with each painting hopefully induces a warm feeling and as the title of one suggests ‘Summer Energy’ gives the emotion of forgetting the present discomforts and dissolving the world’s worries and just to feel at one with nature.


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