Neil Mawdsley

Neil Mawdsley

Moorland Water Colours July 2012

Mixed media


This painting is part of a series of five paintings about the moorland rivers and streams around Plymouth. The first in the series was voted second favourite of the Drawn To The Valley exhibition in Tavistock in 2012. Another was selected in January of this year for the Debenhams Plymouth artists winners’ exhibition. This painting is all about colour and feeling and developed using intuition rather than a disciplined logical approach. 

I was a child of eight. We had travelled most of the night on the coach from the north to the West Country. My parents went off to look for the ‘digs’ while my big sister and I were left alone. It was mid-summer. The night was just beginning to change into day. The unfolding scene has always had a lasting impression on me. As we waited I just stared at what seemed for an eternity at the rise and

fall of green and white waves rolling along a beach. The noise of the waves, pebbles and early morning cry of the gulls was so special, so different from anything I had ever seen before. From that point the sea became important to me. It still is, I still like to sit and watch the waves roll in. I have lived in Plymouth since 1980.Most of my working life I have been a schoolteacher of children with learning difficulties. Artwork acted as a therapy to start with but later on retiring from schools, I expanded my interest in painting. My work is wide and varied from detailed pen/ink illustrated shipwreck posters, to acrylics, watercolours and pastel paintings.


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