Rob Burton

Rob Burton

Dog Days on the Hoe 2012

Print on giclée art paper


Plymouth Hoe is a great dog walking destination and in this picture the dogs are having a wonderful time on the Hoe. Running, leaping, sniffing. It’s a dog day on the Hoe. 

Rob has lived all of his life (apart from minor excursions around the world) in the South West of England. He has lived in Plymouth for over 25 years. His main influences are the shapes and colours the land and seascapes of Devon and Cornwall offer.  he blues and greens of the ocean, the changing skies, the great slashes of green and purple of the moors, the searing yellow of the Rape fields in the distance. It is no surprise that Rob, a self-taught artist, is influenced by artists such as Yves Klein, David Hockney,  Picasso ,Miro, Grayson Perry, Chagall. Rob is also a fan of Soviet Realism and the poster art of people like Alexander Rodchenko. Local artists such as Robert Lenkiewicz and Beryl Cook are great inspirations too.


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