Steve Clement-Large

Steve Clement-Large


Acrylic and collaged paper on canvas


From tiny sketch to canvas, once the face had begun to take shape it called to mind a fictional character from Death in Venice and the title stuck. 

The works I submitted are indicative of the sort of work I am currently working toward. Although I have moved on from masks per se – I love the simplicity of human faces and figures presented in a stylised representational style. A lot of my current work is currently in ink and wash on paper – many of them will find their way onto canvas. The painting Tadzio is indicative of a developing style which has nods toward De Lempicka and Marsden Hartley. Other artists who I am being influenced by are Fernand Leger and Julian Opie – but I am doggedly trying to create a recognisable way of working. Hopefully the work I produce in the coming months will show that. The painting I am presenting here is one of my most recent larger canvases that represent staging posts on my own untutored journey. The best thing from my perspective is that I am moving onward – still ploughing my own furrow.


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